Blacklight Bingo Event Summary

Created: May 19, 2022
Category: General News


We had a very successful Bingo event Saturday night. We filled the St. Elizabeth gym with 28 tables and approximately 225 bingo-playing guests, and met all our goals for the evening. Highlights of the evening:

Entertainment. The crowd was energized and came ready to have a great time, and we gave them just that.

Food Donations. Fantastic response to our appeal to support St Elizabeth’s food pantry. Comments from Mona Milford of St. E’s office: “Your ability to collect food as you did (9 plus cases) will do wonders for our food pantry efforts. A big thanks to you and your crew as well. We ask you to keep our facility in mind for your next events.”

Safety. We made extra efforts to ensure all guests were safe, and we were successful.

Messaging. At the outset of the program, we had an opportunity to present and comment on a slide summarizing all the good we do as Knights.

Outreach. The crowd was a great mix of youth and experience, so it was a great step for us in getting more engaged with a younger crowd. Sue Baumgartner sent me a nice note commenting on how much fun her daughters and their friends had, each one asking if they can be invited next time.